CIArb Asia-Pacific Regional Conference 2019

“The Future of International Dispute Resolution: Innovation and Insights from the Asia-Pacific Region” is a one day conference on 23 April 2019.

Asia is at the crossroads of common and civil law jurisdictions with multiple legal systems and cultures.  The interaction and intersection between different legal norms leads to a dynamic dispute resolution landscape.  The conference will feature thought leaders and in depth provocative panel discussions that will celebrate the ways in which the Asia-Pacific region is creating innovative solutions to resolving disputes and the region’s power to influence the global development of international dispute resolution.  

The conference will examine Asia’s role in shaping the future of international alternative dispute resolution, from the development of the arbitral institutions and arbitrators needed for the future, to procedural innovations such as witness conferencing, and the use of the Prague Rules in civil and common law jurisdictions.  The conference will explore the use of alternative dispute resolution such as dispute boards in construction and infrastructure projects, including China’s One-Belt One Road initiative, and mediation in international disputes.  The conference will also launch the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator’s Guidelines on Witness Conferencing in International Arbitration.

Two special sessions will bookend the conference. The conference will start with a breakfast session featuring the thoughts of in-house counsel on how dispute resolution needs to develop. The conference will close with a spotlight for younger voices in the region to present their ideas on the future of dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific.

Hosted by the Singapore CIArb branch in conjunction with the Australia, East Asia, Malaysia and Thailand CIArb branches, this conference will bring together CIArb members and other international arbitration practitioners from across the Asia-Pacific Region. The conference is being held immediately before the IPBA Conference in order to allow delegates to easily attend both conferences.


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